maybe you are like me?
last remnants of faith // doubt encoded every minute awake // haven’t seen my face in years // was it precaution? I think it’s fear
although my weakest attribute is reflection, I can pinpoint the exact moment I gained inspiration. along a bridge covering dirty water, a girl with…
these days when I wake up, it has become very clear in which direction I am to turn.
(a reflection for a good Friday)
It’s been the longest time since I could hold you tight-
pawn to A4
which oath shall I take, my dear?
tonight, when I walked into the restaurant, a simple request I made.
waking up in the hospital (I only pretend to speak from this perspective)
as I step into this paradoxically tall place, a security guard pleads with me, take off my shoes. I am worried about the dirt, I said, he is afraid I am…
it has been shown, on the basis of a very specific set of ex- periments, that any person may at some time be guilty of the phenomenon commonly called…