reflection on the turning

these days when I wake up,
it has become very clear in which direction I am to turn.

toward you,
my love.
toward you.

one lovely morning I lost all my grip
on every thing that held me back from you,
and one by one together we would strip
out every thing preventing our renew.

one fancy evening I recited some
words written much more eloquent than these.
and as the background turned for both us numb
we heard, most truly, our both love and pleas.

you may assume I’ve thought just once or twice
about each promise you spoke to their please,
but once or twice could simply not suffice;
I’ve pondered each word as soliloquies.

my dearest, listen to my always thought:
you’re the loveliest thing, I know, I’ve ever got -
the most magnificent thing to have I ever will
you’re my darling, my wife;
my music, my hope, my thrill