every angle

maybe you are like me?
thinking through every kind of decision,
every day of the week,
circling around each choice,
pondering it deeply.

maybe you would like me?
immobilized, incapable of doing
barely of even thinking
stuck on repeat?

the truth is, I see things from every angle.
this or that?
good or bad?
I see it both ways --
but think of it sideways?

this mindless complexity of ten billion permutations
-- a defense mechanism, mind you --
gives me the confidence that I do not need to do anything,
since it will always be wrong
and an alternative will always be right
and wrong.

maybe you admire me?
after all, I never do anything hastily
after all, I never do anything distastefully
after all, I never do anything.

the truth is,
I have thought through this quite a bit
more than you know
and I can't make up my mind about which angle to take with you.

the truth is,

you are what I want from every angle.