We’re going bowling and I haven’t seen this before.
The desk hands me shoes, they must think that I’m poor,
And I am.
I walk by your side,
With my shoes clutched in my right hand
You comment on how you love everything I can’t stand.

I sit down at the table and I look into your eyes
Sixty seconds later (It’s an hour, but time flies)
We’re sitting by each other,
My arm’s around you like I’m in love.

I look down at my feet and to the door, my shoes are missing.
I want to wake up but it seems my alarm’s not hissing

Everybody disappears at the worst of all the times
Everybody disappears and I hardly even notice.
I find my shoes and put them on the floor
But something isn’t right.
Everything isn’t right.

I couldn’t cross the gap to you
My strange imagination’s saying
I’ll never cross the gap to you