Whiteboard Achievement

I was musing around today when I suddenly spotted a whiteboard in the corner of the room. Intrigued, I moved to this whiteboard and began to examine it. This examination yielded some most distressing results; someone had failed to properly erase their writings. I was fortunate enough at this time to spy an eraser on a nearby table. In a single moment of obsession, I felt compelled to bestow upon the board the perfect erasing it deserved. I initially made a single fell swoop to cleanse the board from its imperfection. ‘No good,’ thought I, for the markings were maintained. In a stroke of brilliance, I realized that an assault of minor erasings would be far more effective. I then went about my task with this revolutionary method – many small sections of the board were purified, and after some time of hard work I took a step back to examine the progress I had made. I momentarily marveled at my success. Suddenly, a menacing thought passed through my mind. I decisively motioned to empirically expel it, so I allowed my eyelids to realign my eyesight. Yet indeed, when my eyes were opened again I glanced at the board on which I had worked so hard, and those lines which had been systematically vanquished stared at me and mocked me. At once I realized that all my achievements were skewed by my own sight, and they were truly nothing, or at least nothing true.