I could keep your pictures in my pocket,
But I couldn’t keep my promises.
So we bid each other farewell and welfare,
Perhaps hoping there was a little spark left somewhere.

But love and luck are both dumb,
And people call me brilliant,
So it makes sense that I
Wouldn’t have either of them.

A death-stepped dance
Made me feel cheated
Despite this disclaimer:
I held someone else’s hand.

I only count backwards
And usually from two.
So it was fitting that as we walked away
I was an infinite distance from you.

I suppose my shattered smile
Couldn’t convey exactly how
That sadness stole me away
As underneath the stars
We spent our last day.

My wrists are ripped
From the late night hatred,
Which left me on the floor
Yelling for you to come back for more.

I cried a couple of cups of tears
But despite all the depressing words
I love this clever verse