Apassionate Poetry

I’m hating my side of the deal but not yours,
I hope you won’t mind if I veer off the course,
I hope you won’t care if I do something fun,
I hope you will never look at anyone.

I’m reading her letter, I stare at her name
Cue visions of wonder, of a pretty face
If I ever meet her, I’ll lose her, of course
Yet she could compel me to lack all remorse.

If anyone reads this please know I’m insane,
Forsaking my Love for a girl with no name,
Forgetting a girl who loves me without fail,
I’m choosing instead to send true love to hell.

I guess this is all just a hypothesis,
Since someone so special I could never kiss,
I wish I weren’t feeling this lame cheating thought
But logic still dictates a lovely thing sought.